Next Industries Srl

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Next Industries designs and manufactures high accuracy, rugged data acquisition loggers, gateway and sensors provided with Internet of Things technology.

Thanks to wireless connectivity our devices are able to communicate with cloud, to manage alarm or notifications, thus being “intelligent”. The so called “intelligent systems” are devices that transform the way you work, live and connect to the world.

They have been developed to be rugged and stand alone devices, so they easily fit both for indoor and outdoor installations; the name of our website comes from here (rugged data acquisition devices).


The value of technology is being at people’s free disposal, especially for applications like food production and conservation, storage temperature monitoring, energy production, buildings health monitoring, energy production plants monitoring.


We connect real world through internet in open source, ecologic and sustainable way.

We image technology with fresh design and valuable things. We create sensors, gateway and loggers with wireless connection for different kind of markets; energy, environmental and industrial.

Through our work we add value to technology, offering innovative products in respect of the Earth; wireless, low power and small size devices for all kind of applications where measurement and monitoring are a need.

We have created a whole Family of data loggers with 1 to 24 (expandable) channels. This has allowe Next Industries to be open to different applications like environment, energy, oil&gas, industry, food, cold chain, medical...