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Family FAQs: OMNIAlog

Q How does the TRIGGER function of OMNIAlog digital input work?
Q Is there any precaution to adopt for the number of measurements saved on the OMNIAlog / miniOMNIAlog memory?
Q What dimensions has the .CSV file in columns that contains the measures acquired with OMNIAlog and miniOMNIAlog?
Q Is it possible to send SMS in case of alarms with miniOMNIAlog?
Q Is it possible to send SMS in case of alarms with OMNIAlog?
Q Why it is necessary add a termination resistor to the last digitized sensor of each RS-485 chain?
Q Which is the maximum number of digitized sensors (RS-485, Modbus), the maximum number of chains and the maximum length of cable in a RS-485 network?
Q Why pushing START in a miniOMNIAlog webpage with GSM/GPRS modem the local connection with the PC gets lost?
Q Why miniOMNIAlog is supplied through the PC when it is connected through USB?
Q If you disconnect the USB cable from miniOMNIAlog, the datalogger resets. Is it normal?
Q If miniOMNIAlog is supplied with internal batteries, can it read the digitized sensors?
Q Using miniOMNIAlog, is it possible to do acquisitions leaving it connected to the PC?
Q Is it possible to avoid the manual configuration of the dial-up remote connection and of the virtual modem necessary to communicate with miniOMNIAlog?
Q Why opening the file of log .CSV of OMNIAlog/miniOMNIAlog in French with Microsoft Office Excel some “strange” characters are visualized instead of some letters?
Q What kind of cable I have to use if I want to connect OMNIAlog to a PC using a LAN cable?
Q If I’m using the 2G modem connected on port RS232 of OMNIAlog, can I simultaneously use the LAN connection, too?
Q Is it possible to connect to OMNIAlog and download data through a 2G (GSM/GPRS) modem connected on port RS-232?
Q Which ports use OMNIAlog services?
Q Does the 2G (GSM/GPRS) modem of miniOMNIAlog support 3G networks?
Q To communicate thought USB connection with miniOMNIAlog, is it necessary to install some software or driver?
Q OMNIAlog powered by internal batteries: what to expect?
Q Are SMTPS (SSL) and SFTP supported by OMNIAlog?
Q Using the miniOMNIAlog system, is it necessary the grounding system?
Q Can the connected PC power the miniOMNIAlog?
Q SIM card for GPRS Modem
Q Is it necessary to use an isolated USB cable?
Q Which communication interfaces are possible to use with miniOMNIAlog?
Q Are SMTPS (SSL) and SFTP supported by miniOMNIAlog?
Q Does miniOMNIAlog support remote connection?
Q Is it possible to use an Apple Mac to manage a miniOMNIAlog?
Q Is it possible to change channels configuration of miniOMNIAlog?
Q OMNIAlog: something to know to communicate with optical fiber technology
Q Using the OMNIAlog system, is it necessary the grounding system?
Q Can OMNIAlog acquire 8 or 16 instruments, without any multiplexer boards?
Q Is it possible to connect a rain gauge to OMNIAlog datalogger?
Q Modem GSM/GPRS or router HSPA 3G: which technology should be chosen?
Q Does the management of 3G router change according to the power supply of OMNIAlog?
Q Router HSPA 3G: which to choose?