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NI2400/NI816/NI4866 are new multi channels data loggers with 8/16/24 channels universal analog input, Ethernet, USB memory stick, high/low/derivate alarm, 2 digital inputs, 1 digital output.


  • Increased number of sensors to which the datalogger can be connected.
  • Up to 405 sensors at a time connected through multiplexerboard.
  • Many types of sensors supported including thermistors, potentiometers, strain gauges, vibrating wires, reflectometers and soil moisture blocks.
  • Power Considerations.
  • Decreased cost of cabling individual sensors.
  • Equipment protected from electrical surges by including gas tubes on all of the inputs and having a ground lug.



  • 8/16/24 universal input channels.
  • Temperature, humidity, pressure sensor on board.
  • 1 digital output, 2 digital inputs.
  • USB memory stick connection.
  • Supports J, K, R, S, T, N, E, and B type thermocouples.
  • GPRS and WiFi (available on April 2015).
  • Ethernet, RS485.
  • Vibrating Wire Interface.
  • Switchable sensor supply.
  • Up to 6 Digital Output and 6 Digital Input (NI4866)